Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Santa Monica Pier - IP4

OK, finally back to posting on the blog after almost a month. I have been working on several projects including the America's Got Talent Live Tour, my website, and most importantly, printing my first show of IPhone images. The IPhone imagery show, 'Allusions of Reality', is at the Renaissance Fine Art and Design Gallery in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 18th (opening reception 6-8PM).
Beach - Santa Monica - IP4
Iceland Landscape - IP4

So, today I am posting several images captured over this past month - some images from America's Got Talent and a first look at images that will be included in the Indianapolis Show.

Prince Poppycock - AGT
As it stands today, I am actually just a few weeks from the website launch....Simply takes time....

I really missed making the blog posts every day....stay tuned...

Christina and Ali - AGT

Michael Grimm - Jerry Springer - AGT


  1. Very cool good luck on the show! I am sure it will be a hit!

  2. Welcome back Harry...

    Missed your images.