Thursday, March 10, 2011

Neon Boneyard

Neon Boneyard,  Las Vegas

Drove back to Vegas today and went to the Neon Boneyard aka Neon Museum. The Boneyard restores and maintains old neonsigns and from the older casinos and various establishments around Las Vegas.

There are over 150 of these old signs at the Boneyard including places such as  The Golden Nugget, Desert Inn and Caesar's Palace.

Quite the experience being able to photograph these classic old signs - the color is fabulous.


  1. Oh I like this! I love the texture of the old paint.
    This is a great composition too!

  2. very the unexpected colors. the turquoise is splendid. i second the great composition comment as well...

  3. thanks Janett and Debra - two Indiana ladies...

  4. So jealous that we didn't make it to the Neon Boneyard!
    Photo is beautiful. Next time!!!

  5. Ellen: Make sure you get there next time - well worth the well...