Thursday, December 17, 2009

Caddo Lake

In November my buddy Al Hernandez and I decided to photograph Caddo Lake in Uncertain, Texas. Caddo is a huge mass of wetland on the border of Texas and Louisiana. We drove the 200 plus miles to lake from Dallas and chartered a boat to photograph the sunset and the following sunrise.

Sometime in the early 1900's oil was found under the lake, and, we all know what happened next - they built dams and starting drilling, doing much damage to the lake's ecosystem. Somewhere around 1930 the WPA established this lake as a State Park. The area has 200 species of trees, 100 grasses and woody vines, over 200 types of birds and large populations of fish, reptiles and mammals of which many of these species are considered endangered or rare.

Our plan is to make another trip back to the lake in the spring and then again in the fall of 2010 to  capture the lake in the various seasons.



  1. Great photo Harry.
    Is this infrared or a polarized photo? Or a straight, great photo!

  2. Thanks JM. This was a straight photo that I worked on in Lightroom, CS4 and one particular piece of third party software. My usual workflow is to take 5-9 exposures to get the full dynamic range - in this case I was in a moving boat so being able to register multiple images (no tripod) was not in the cards - hence the one image.

  3. Such an elegant and magical photo Harry, I love it! Amazing that you were able to shoot this beautiful image from a moving boat....I would have surely fallen in :o) Gotta go, for some reason I feel I must go hug a tree right now......