Sunday, October 2, 2011

Missing Images

Indianapolis BBQ
A few weeks back I was in Indiana and got terribly lost trying to find the Jazzfest location. All the corners had 'no left turn' signs and, of course , that was precisely what I was trying to do.  So I made a right turn and this oasis of BBQ appeared in my windshield. It looked so PERFECT (the firewood outside did help) I simply had to stop. And I was not dis-appointed....Going back to Indiana this week and hopefully will be able to find this can almost smell how good this was.

On a separate note, there is an issue with my blog where all of the images have dis-appeared. I inadvertently deleted a Picaso Photo Album where these images were stored - I was not aware that images for this blog were stored there....Something for all blogger on this platform to understand. I am working to replace as many as possible as quickly as I can....THANKS


  1. I am told this is the best Barbecue in Indianapolis. I passed it the other day and thoughtbto myself I sholud stop and photograph that place! I hope you figure out your lost photos.....sounds like something I would do!

  2. I have not lost them - just need to reload them all one step at a and learn...

  3. Bummer, Harry. Sorry about your image posts.

    And thanks for this tip on barbecue. I live here and didnt' know about it!

    See you Monday evening!

  4. Nice photo Harry, I too just drove by that BBQ this past week.... where did see that place? Maybe I'll drive by it again this week and help you relocate it!