Friday, December 30, 2011

Ireland, Foul Weather

Irish Sea, White Park Bay, Ireland, Canon 5dmkII
Yesterday was one of the my worst weather days ever touring Ireland. We had Rain, Sleet, sun, clouds and winds sometimes as high as 60-70 miles per hour. As I posted on my iPhone blog one could lean back against the wind and it would hold you up. It was also one of the most fun days fighting these elements to get the image....

It was very difficult to photograph in a wind that strong - had to shoot at high ISO and shutter speeds and still hold the tripod down - the other problem was the water being blown on to the front element of the day all around fighting the the end it all worked out and now I know a few new places to get back too in the future....

Below is the image made just to the right of the above image - shot with my iPhone 4s also on a tripod.....took a few creative liberties with this one.

This morning it is the 'political murals' in West Belfast...Needed to hire a car and driver as the advice was to not go in there without a local....looking forward to seeing these famous murals close up with a camera in my hand.

stay tuned..more coming...
White Park Bay, Ballintoy, Ireland, iPhone4s


  1. Great Northern Irish weather! Wind blowing full pelt in off the Atlantic. Bracing! I bet you felt ALIVE, no matter what it did to your camera.

    You're a brave man going into West Belfast to photograph the murals. I was born and raised in Northern Ireland and lived there till I was 19 and I have never been to West Belfast and don't see myself ever going. Yes, you will need a local guide but the trouble is figuring out whether or not you've got the right local....

    Good luck and good shooting, Harry. Or, better still, no shooting at all (of the other type.)

  2. Glad you have plenty weather. It brings a whole new element to shooting landscapes and no two days are the same :)