Monday, April 30, 2012

iPhone Portraiture

I have been using my iPhone for portraits for quite some time, mostly using the application Hipstamatic as well as various other iPhone camera applications.

My favorite Hipstamatic lens and film combination is the JohnS lens with Kodot Grizzled film. I enjoy the softness of this combination and the way it renders the face. Additionally I like using this in low light situations as in the portrait of Jeff posted today which was done in a hallway in the Tropicana Hotel Theater.

As most of you know I process images in any was that gets them to what I am seeing - this one is no different - I used NIK Snapseed and Old Photo Pro on the iPad and then transferred the image to my laptop and made some global adjustments using NIK Color EFX Pro4 before making local adjustments in Photoshop CS6.

Give it a try - you might like the results....

PS: This lens and film combo works well for landscape, including panorama images and street photography.

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