Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Iceland, Sleeping Bear-berg

Iceland, Sleeping Bear-berg
A few of my last blogs talked about the Jokulsarion Glacier and Black Sand Beach in Southeastern Iceland. I mentioned that on the lagoon the icebergs collide and break into smaller pieces before floating out to the Atlantic Ocean. This one, which appears to be a sleeping bear is exactly what I was talking about.They come in all sizes and shapes and are just one of the marvelous mysteries of Iceland.

This 'bear' floated about 300 yards out into the Atlantic Ocean before the tides pushed  the structure back to just offshore of the black sand beach. Moments after making this image the iceberg split apart and was carried off into the ocean...

I re-processed this image in Lightroom 4 with its many added features in the development module, specifically the shadow, clarity and highlight sliders...

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