Thursday, May 3, 2012

Valley of Fire - the Cabins

The Cabins - Valley of Fire
Another image from my day trip through the Valley of Fire State Park a few weeks back. All sorts of oddities, nooks and crannies in thios valley not to mention a few vistas that take your breath away. Unfortunately my visit was at the wrong time of day - the light is much better in the morning and, of course, at sunset.

These cabins were constructed in 1935 soon after Valley of Fire became a state park. Made of sandstone they were used for many many years by travelers visiting the park. They are now being preserved as a reminder of the work done by Thomas W Miller, the first state Park Commission Chairman. Almost 9,000 people visited the newly opened park in 1936. today over 200,000 visitors enjoy the Valley of Fire each and every year.

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