Sunday, August 26, 2012

Everglades - Lone Mangrove

Lone Mangrove Tree, Everglades
A few years back I became interested in our National Parks after watch the documentary by Ken Burns. As a kid growing up in Atlantic City and Da Bronx these treasures were something that never entered my mind - and actually going to one was, well, just would have never entered my mind. I was much more obsessed with Yankee Stadium and Coney Island.

After watching the 6 DVD's it became quite clear that I needed to get out of the house and visit as many of these parks as possible with my camera  in tow....To date I have been to Yosemite, Death Valley, Zion, Olympic and Everglades - there is also Caddo Lake in East Texas which should be a National Park. My intentions are to try and hit a few more of these treasure this year and continue on until I have seen them all -all 58 of them.

One day my friend Tom Fielder called me and said Clyde Butcher was giving a two day workshop in the Everglades.  Clyde i s known as the Ansel Adams of the Glades, and, of course I jumped at the chance to meet Clyde and take his workshop.

On the first afternoon we went out to photograph the Mangroves.The surprise was that we would be making images while standing in almost waist deep water, which, at certain tides could be chest high. At any rate long story short we get out to the Mangrove's, get out of the boat and make images for about two hours. This was a truly unique experience very different from the Bronx and Atlantic City and I plan to go back at some point and explore this area a bit more.

Me , the boat and Mangrove Tree, Everglades

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