Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bali, Portrait

Balinese Child
Have been here in Bali since last Friday and not much in the way of photography - just working mostly and out of the image head.

Yesterday we moved locations and ended up right on the Indian Ocean and all that changed - the east has ocean, beach, clouds, mountains and a totally different vibe from the north.. Peaked my EYE immediately as we made the trek from the north to the east......

This morning I got out at 530AM and the driver took me to a small fishing village about 30 minutes form the hotel - the boats go out at 3AM and return at 9AM so I was not able to catch one coming back in early . But for me the little girl in the photo above made my day...she was sitting as her mother prepared the store that would sell the catch of the day.

How can one not photograph those eyes... And I like that she is looking directly at me .....

Need to get out one more time before leaving Bali on Saturday for Singapore. 

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