Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Led Zeppelin

Went to the premiere last night of the Led Zeppelin movie, Celebration Day. That really brought back some memories - hearing Rock and Roll, Stairway to Heaven , Black Dog and so many more. It was quite the industry night at the Ziegfeld in New York. John Paul Jones, Page and Plant showed at the last minute and received a standing ovation.

If you want to see a concert from what I call the golden age of rock, go see Celebration - and make sure the theater has 5.1 or better.....a must see...Rock and Roll like it was meant to be...and the lads can still play....

Got back home last night and watched CBS Sunday Morning which had a piece on Pete Townsend....Wow, one would think it was 1969 all over again......was that a flashback?

PS: I went on Amazon this morning and pre-ordered the record and DVD...


  1. You lucky guy! Jimmy is looking ragged. Looking forward to the music. Jaime

  2. The music is great Jaime...just got the CD