Thursday, November 29, 2012

Breezy Point, Rockaway, New York

Yesterday ,myself and a couple of friends (David and Michael) drove to Breezy Point in Rockaway to try and photograph the damage from Hurricane Sandy. Was not quite sure if we would be able to access this part of the island and were surprised when we were allowed through..

While I am deeply saddened by what I saw the photographer in me took over and I just had to document this natural disaster. Note that I want to go back as they re-build and continue to make images. In talking to the folks who lost or had their homes badly damaged the one thing that stuck in my mind was their resolve to get back to NORMAL, which I think takes 3-4 years. One elderly gentlemen told me, 'if you live by the sea - you die by the sea'.......I made over 600 images on this trip.

PS: There was plenty of help out there including the Red Cross, FEMA, local police, fire and electrical in addition to several mash-type structures feeding locals and volunteers...


  1. And Momon Helping Hands who never gets mentioned. I just posted an article that we've provided 7,700 volunteers for Sandy help with over 400,000 hours...

  2. Hi Harry, how are you? Long time no see... I accidentally found your blog... Great images. Best, Mariana