Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jimmy Johns

Jimmy John Delivery...

'What you need will be delivered - what you want can be found'......

I was in a Denver Studio last year shooting portraits for a series I have in progress. We had ordered lunch from Jimmy Johns and asked to have it delivered. So the doorbell rings and when I take one look at this gal it becomes obvious she needs to have her photo taken. 

I have been a NIK software fan for some time now - I use it with my iPhone images as well as more traditional camera images. Today's image was made using only Tonal Contrast in NIK CFX4 and Photoshop CS6....

I did post this a year ago but decided to re-visit this morning. I always find it rewarding to go back and re-process as one gains new insight in image processing. The original file is below.

Jimmy John - Original File 

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