Monday, January 21, 2013

Brussels, Bruge

Bruges, Belgium
This year's European Adventure begins and ends in Belgium. The starting point of the 2,300 kilometer journey to historical and significant sites in both World Wars begins when we land in Brussels and drive to spend the first night in Bruges.

Bruges is an unspoiled medieval town. The centre of the city is amazingly well preserved with winding streets that pass by picturesque canals with well preserved medieval buildings.
There are no high rises, no billboards, no heavy industry in the center of the city. Bruges also escaped major damage during both World Wars. The movie "In Bruges", a cult classic, captures the essence
of Bruges - minus all the comical hit men antics!

There are small bridges that span the canals and a number of boats tied up in front of the fine buildings that line the water's edge.
Storefront, Bruges

Though there are the usual stores that one finds in most major cities, there are also shops selling Belgian chocolate, souvenirs from their beloved Tintin comic strips and of course antique and art shops.

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