Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Furthur Festival

                                                            Mann Center for the Performing Arts

'If I can tell you what it meant,  there would be no need in dancing it'.....Isadora Duncan

Drove down to Fairmont Park in Philadelphia last Saturday to The Mann Center for the Performing Arts for the Furthur Festival - Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. This was the first time I have heard any of the 'Dead' music live since 1969 at The Filmore East. Back in those days the 'Grateful Dead' would play The Filmore East on a Friday and Saturday night - then the gear was loaded out and taken to the band shell in Central Park for a free concert on the Sunday. The load out, of course,  came with a free late night meal at Ratner's which was next door to the Filmore East on 2nd Avenue and 6th Street.

The images posted today are all from Saturday night in Philadelphia....seems like not much has changed in all these years.

As a side note the Mann Center is a fabulous place to see, and also hear a show, be it popular or classical music. The Mann is located in Fairmount Park just outside Center City Philadelphia and has been there for 75 years. Easy access, great food, and some awesome views of center city Philadelphia at sunset make it a perfect place to spend a evening listening to music.  Check out the Mann....

Thanks to my my friend Rico for sending me the Isadora Duncan quote......

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  1. great shots. very cool. love the boys selling drinks.....they look serious about it....