Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Holiday Blues

The past few days I have had the holiday blues - after a fun long weekend it is difficult to get back to work. Add that to temperature of 104 degrees yesterday and it is simply to difficult to get moving.

This morning I was looking through older images and decided to post a few from what I call the stand-alone file... Those captures I consider outliers...not sure where they fit into my photographic life. From time to time I do go back over older images to see what pops off the page.

The field at the top of the page is 'Jills-field'. Located up in the Hudson Valley it bears the name of a friends wife - at the time I was unaware that  Jill would always talk about this field, and one day I showed up with this image, hence the title........

The waterfall above is located in Acadia National Park - if memory serves me well this is the only waterfall in Acadia. At the time I was going through grungy HDR phase and have been on the fence about this image since...some days I love this one and some days I can not figure it out. Had to hike one mile up a steep road to get to this waterfall...

Last summer while driving from Indiana to Chicago I spotted the steeple of this church from the freeway.  At the time I was being drawn to religious icons so I jumped off the highway and made this capture.
Caddo Lake Sunrise: My buddy Al Hernandez and I went to Caddo Lake and this was the first morning as we were boarding the boat to catch the sunrise. At the time I was quite caught up in technical perfection so this was relegated to a maybe status. For me the black in this image always distracted me - but I have now learned to accept images for their emotion and not so much their technical perfection.

I would highly recommend going back over older images from time to time. As you get closer to your 10,000 hours your process of looking at the work changes - you never know what you might find.

The image in the header is from East Hampton beach, August 2009...

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