Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Badwater Basin, Death Valley
Had to leave Death Valley yesterday and get back to Las Vegas.

I had planned on Stovepipe Wells to capture morning light on the Mesquite Dunes. Changed my mind when I noticed how much there was in Badwater Basin. In all of my trips to Death Valley I had never seen that much water in the Basin... At any rate changed my mind and was not at all disappointed with the badwater sunrise.

Badwater Basin, iPhone4
After Badwater made the prerequisite stop at my favorite abandoned structure on the road back to Vegas - most likely will be my image for tomorrow.

Death Valley, iPhone4

Posting a few images today....Top capture is single image, high resolution from the new camera. The other two are from my iPhone4 - really like the way the iPhone handled soft black and white images. The color version is a 6 image stitch using True HDR and Autostitch, both of which are iPhone applications.

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  1. Harry, beautiful images indeed, and that pano is fantastic. Love the badwater basin and the conversion is superb. Thanks!