Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baltimore, County Cork

Baltimore is a town in County Cork in farthest southwest Ireland. Turns out two friends are building a house in Balitmore and plan on relocating at some point.

I learned from Wikipedia that Baltimore was the location of Ireland's most ancient dynasty and folklore has Napoleon obtaining his famous white mare from the area.

It was quite gray with rain when I finally negotiated the one-car-lane roads into Baltimore. Turns out my GPS seems to want me to see the most remote locations in Ireland without missing one. At any rate I pulled the car into what I thought was a parking lot but appeared more like an old retired train station platform. I saw the sign and the bench and immediately knew I had stumbled onto my image - funny how that seems to happen more then not.

Today I sent that image off to the states and soon after learned that this was the old Baltimore Train Station - the end of this particular line. They stopped running trains in the early 60's and it is now occupied by a French sailing company.

Click here for information about the the Cork Railway...

I was also told to 'pull the handbrake and spend a few days'......... I really like this expression....feels very Ireland....

The top image is a straight up image aand the bottom image is me messing about with my iPhone applications.

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  1. I love this image! Crazy you had to go to Ireland to find Baltimore... you could have just asked Tony.... I think he knows where it is.