Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ireland Day 3

Dunguaire Castle, Kinvara, Ireland, IP4
Was really tired last night upon arrival in Adare, Ireland post.

Left Galway early on Saturday and dropped down into the town of Kinvara where I captured the image above - Dunguaire Castle..From there it was small roads that hugged the Atlantic Ocean down to the Cliffs of Moher. And when I say small roads they were small roads. Captured many images - only posting the ones I can get done before passing out...

From The Cliffs of Moher we drove through Ennis and then a stop in Quin where we visited the Quin Friary where the image below was captured....It was now getting dark so it was off to Limerick before dropping down into Adare for two nights.
Quin Friary, Ireland, IP4

Today it was west again heading out to Ballybunion on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. We spotted a sign that said 'Castle View Bed and Breakfast ' just outside of Ballylongford. Knowing the Irish are very literal it was off to find the castle that did not appear on any of our maps. Found the castle out by Carig Island - Carrigafole Castle. Spent about two hours in that area exploring and capturing images on the island and various older structures in and around the castle. I hope to get a high resolution image of the castle posted in the next few days.

Then it was off to Ballybunion and it's splendid beaches to see what else could be found before nightfall. Actually had some good light at the end of the day and, amongst others, was able to capture the image below.
Ballybunion, IP4
 After Ballybunion it was pretty much straight back to Adare and some well needed sleep. Tomorrow it is off to the south - places like Baltimore and Kinsale (all coastal and mountainous) are on the list before ending up in Cork....

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