Friday, April 1, 2011

The Cotswolds, Wales, Great Britain

There was a change of plans the last day in Wales. Instead of the 140 mile drive to Snowdonia we opted to drive back to London through the rolling hills of the  'Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Beauty'. And they are not wrong about that.

There are rolling hills, large farms and the prerequisite castles and churches some dating back to the 14th century. Additionally there are quite a few Topiaries that dot the hillside. Spent some time meandering at the Cotswold Topiary and Gate in Gloucestershire and managed to capture a few images to post over the next few days.

Today's image is indicative of the soft light one sees in the Cotswolds this time of year.

Captured with a Phase One p65+ on an Alpa 12-SWA using a Schneider 47MM lens


  1. Harry, I've been to this part of GB, twice in the last 10 years. Freakin' awesome, isn't it. A place I'd love to retire to. Enjoy !!!

  2. Totally agree Doug. I like everything about the Cotswalds....

  3. Thanks Janett...great part of the world...