Thursday, April 7, 2011

Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake, Uncertain, Texas

I guess it is true that you do not feel the character of a place until you have been back several times. As many times as that has happened, Death Valley being one of them, I seem to always misplace this piece of information. Well, this is exactly what happened to me on this trip back to Caddo Lake. I saw the lake in a totally different light (no pun intended).

The first time through about 18 months ago I only saw an overview of the lake and not the details that make this place so special. Also, the more you go back the more you get to talk to the locals and feel their perspective and how much this lake is part of their everyday lives. If one listens carefully there is so much to learn from those who spend everyday on the lake and they seem to know what makes it tick, right down to where a particular alligator will be sunning on any given day, or when and where the White Lillie's will open when the sun crosses the horizon. This was my experience this last time at the lake.

Not sure what particular time of day this image was captured but what attracted me was the play of the color in the foreground against the somewhat eerie monochromatic background. The color was not evident last time through in November 2009. The locals all told me that I need to come back in June or July when the color is even more alive. I just might try to do just that - I am completely intoxicated with this place and need to learn more.

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Image captured with a Canon 5DMKII, 24-105MM Lens

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