Friday, September 23, 2011


Image fr Morocco
 I bought my daughter a Canon EOS Rebel T1 for Christmas last year as she wanted to pursue photography....It all started on a trip we made to the Oregon Coast where she used my 5DMKII.....It was the 5DMKII she was after but I thought starting a bit smaller was the way to go....

So fast forward to last night when she came up to the house asking for help in printing a few images from a recent trip to Morocco. This morning we met at the monitor with coffee cups in hand and started to look through the images - suddenly I realized she was quite good at seeing composition - and was duly impressed with her progress as a photographer.  We spent some time with me teaching her some photoshop - some sharpening, curves, selections and masking.....I think she had the aha moment....With her birthday three weeks away it appears that Photoshop has made it to the gift list.

After we worked on the image above I decided to make it my blog today.  I know it sounds like a proud father, well I am....Photography and music have given me back some magical moments, friends and life lessons......And passing it on does not get any better.

Genes are a powerful thing.........


  1. Thanks for sharing, Harry. Those experiences with our offspring are sacred in a way only parents can understand. If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, how wonderful to have our children follow, even remotely, in our footsteps. Enjoy.

  2. Harry, this is a truly beautiful image made by your daughter. You are both blessed to have each other and share this passion!