Saturday, September 17, 2011

Graham Fielder

Graham Fielder
There are times when the blog just rolls off the keyboard.....

I was in Lexington, Kentucky yesterday working on a project at the Magic Frog Studio.. I knew that my friend, Tom Fielder, had a son who is, amongst other talents,  a videographer and had made several music videos over the past few years. Being a school day, I asked Tom if he could come by and shoot a bit of 'the making of' footage for the project I am working on. I knew how talented Graham was as he has previously come out on various road projects I working on to shoot archival footage. But I had never actually watched him work in close quarters.

The point of this post is how wonderful to see a young man follow a dream and in a very humble way......taking nothing for granted....always well mannered and a fly on the wall - which is difficult at best with the video gear he was using.....It will be fun to watch him over the coming years to see what he gets into - whatever it is I am sure it will be successful...Graham kindly posed for a few test images - one of which is above.

Graham had a video premier last night on YouTube: There are several Graham videos on YouTube but the 'Motives' video was last night premier...

PS: Did I mention Graham is high school senior and 17 years old.....I am a huge fan....


  1. Yes, it will be a pleasure to watch as this amazing young man follows his very talented...thanks for the link to the video!

    Nice portrait Harry...

  2. Following your dream with passion is what life is all about...go Graham!

    Glad to see you following your passions to Harry! - wonderful moment captured so well!

  3. Graham's parents are certainly humbled by Harry's kind comments and, more importantly, extraordinarily grateful to Harry for the influence he has had on Graham's life as a photographer and videographer. Harry has coached Graham - and provided amazing opportunities for Graham to shoot stills and video of some incredible artists. Thank you Harry - from two proud parents - Tom & Elizabeth