Saturday, February 25, 2012

First Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia

First baptist Church, Savannah
A few years back in my last life as a Rock and Roll Tour Director I happened to be in Savannah, Georgia working on an album project. We were spending a few days recording in Savannah at The First African Baptist Church, circa 1773, organized by the Reverend George Lelle. The original name for the church was 'Fist Colored Baptist' and this structure also housed the first black Sunday school in North America. Apparently the basement of this church was part of the underground railway as the floor had small bullet type holes to let air into the sub-basement. I was honored to be able to spend those few days in the historic location. 

Today's images are a few from those few days in Savannah....
The Congreagation

The Deacon...

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