Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coney Island Revisit

Just returned from another day making images at Coney Island - hot dogs and all. Speaking of hot dogs a friend turned me on to Ruby's hot dogs. Ruby's is on the boardwalk just beyond Wonder Wheel...better then Nathan's - but then I never knew Nathan's was sold and the quality has gone way down. Ruby's apparently has a 'bubba burger' which is the burger with cheese put into the center of a potato knish...maybe next week!!!!!! I have taken to hanging at at Ruby's with a few photographer friends - quite the place.

At any rate photographing in Coney Island is quite the trip - you simply never know 'what or who' you might stumble on next. the more I go out there - the more the regulars know me - the more they tell me about some hidden gem to check out.
Today was all about a Haitian festival on the beach, and, as the Mermaid Parade is next week there appears to be a Mermaid sand castle competition in the works. The gentlemen above is the first....very cool art..

The image in the header is also from Coney Island.

Correction: I mistakenly gave credit to Judy Collins for the lyrics to 'In My Life' a few blogs back - it is actually a Lennon-McCartney song. I was listening to the Judy Collins version when I posted...

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