Tuesday, June 22, 2010

IPhone Blurb Book

                                                                                          Times Square - New York

Put the finishing touches on my first self-published book last night - actually my first ever book of photographic images. The book contains IPhone images captured over the past year in various locations; Death Valley, Scotland, Yosemite, Martha's Vineyard and New York City.
                                                                              Carousel Horse - London

I started using the IPhone 18 month ago and have since fell in love with the many ways color can be manipulated using the camera and in-phone applications - a diary, camera and darkroom in your pocket. One now has the ability to shoot, process and communicate with a global community instantly from anywhere in the world.
                                                                        Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA

OK, I am happy that the first one is over and done with (only one small spelling mistake noted so far) so on to the next one...check out the book - there is a link below or click on the widget on the left front page of the blog.


PS: Off to Maine tomorrow for a week of shooting along the coastline...Stay tuned...

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