Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coney Island

When I was in 7th grade in the Bronx we used to cut school and take the D Train to Coney Island. At that time you could take $2.00 and have a blast riding the Steeplechase Horses and the Cyclone ot to mention lunch at Nathan's. All this and one could get back home around 4PM as if you just got out of school.
Took a trip to Coney Island yesterday and the Cyclone is still there but Steeplechase is long gone. I can remember riding these mechanical horses around the outside of Steeplechase for maybe 5 cents a ride..mind you this was in 1956. The Cyclone has been around for 90 some odd years and is appears as daunting as ever - not a chance you get me back on....

Coney Island seems to be alive and well these days - check out the link<<<<...and if that is not enough Coney Island Lou reed and Laurie Anderson are King Neptune and Queen Mermaid for the upcoming Mermaid Parade on June 19th - they even have a Mermaid Ball following the parade held at the Aquarium.

They seem to be creating a 21st Century Coney Island - let's hope they can keep this bit of American alive......

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  1. These are as wonderful as they are magical Harry...great work! I hope they can keep it alive as well...How can they not with you making such great images of this iconic place in time.