Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coney Island

Play to Win - Coney Island
So a few of my buddies are coming into NY in early December to spend a day shooting at Coney Island. With that in mind I thought a Coney Island post seemed fitting today. I spent a good deal of time  in July shooting in Coney Island, culminating with the Mermaid Parade, and have not looked at most of the images since then.

This image today was located just off the main drag in a small alley...The image at the top was processed in the new NIK HDR software and the one below was Photomatix Pro. I am leaning toward the NIK software at the moment. The NIK HDR is simple to use with a great dialog box. Did I mention there are many many presets from which to start working.

Play to Win - Coney Island

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  1. Just so you know a lot of major changes suddenly happened to Coney boardwalk and there may be a lot of construction going on - -
    NY Post on Monday as well as Daily News - CBS- ABC FOX News etc -

    LASt Call @ Rubys is Sat. Nov 6th 12:30 - 6