Monday, November 15, 2010

Death Valley

Dunes, Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley

One thing being on the road allows for is time to look around the hard drives for images that have been passed over before. Why I am running around the country with all these hard drives is a separate blog but I am happy to have 80-% of my files out here - specifically on a lazy Sunday afternoon while watching football games.

The image today is from last March in the Dunes just outside of Stovepipe Wells. Processing dunes is always a challenge for me - I find myself pushing the envelope to get where I want to go. This one is all texture - all the time....not really sure how I feel about it yet - might take a few more days.

On another note an image I captured up in Maine earlier this year won first prize in the Artistic Category of the 2ND Annual Pogo Art Contest..the image it self was captured and processed in the IPhone 4...

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  1. This shot doesn’t look like an iphone shot. Really nice.