Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rancho De Taos

Rancho Taos Mission
My take on the often photographed 'San Francisco de Asis' Mission Church in Rancho Taos, New Mexico. 

My first knowledge of this Mission was a Georgia O'Keefe painting and two photographic images, one by Ansel Adams and the other by Paul Strand. I remember thinking, at first glance,  what an elegant almost 'great pyramid' type structure. Immediately this was on the bucket list.

I stood at this mission for the first time in May of 2009 and wanted to capture an image from a different angle then I previously saw in O'Keefe, Strand and Adams.

This image has been processed several times since capture. The goal was to isolate the Mission from the surrounding structures and this oddly cropped version is what finally worked for me.


  1. I Love this have captured it perfectly...great work!

  2. Thanks Kathleen - love these old missions....