Monday, February 21, 2011


The Who, Madison Square Garden, circa 1975

'We tried not to age, but time had its rage'...Pete Townsend
Today I found a gem - a classic 'WHO' image, circa, 1975 at Madison Square Garden, during, I believe, what was a 6 night residency.

The image was on life support, deteriorated almost beyond repair from moving from place to place for over 35 years. It felt like it would fall apart in my hands if i tightened my grip. When I got this one on the light-box I knew it had to be saved so I scanned it into the digital age, converted to black and white, added back some color and was able to breathe some life back into it.

Original image below just after scanning.......Don't you just love Photoshop....

Original Scan - The Who


  1. A great before and after! Very cool!

  2. thanks John....never know what lies in my archives...

  3. I love seeing the before and after as well...what a great shot, and a fabulous rescue!