Saturday, June 25, 2011

Red Door - Christiania

Red Door_Christiania

OK, I did go back one more time to Christiania - I told everyone I was obsessed with the place. There was an iPhone image made on one of the previous trips that I liked so much that it was necessary to go back with my big boy camera and make a high res image.

So this morning I got up, packed as we were heading for Berlin today, showered, and made it over to Christiania for another hour of photographs....Really glad I went back as I got th eimage I was after and a few more that were unexpected....It was one of those great light days with perfect clouds in the sky. And if that was not enough a woman parked her bike right in the image perfectly and walked away...not that gives new meaning to 'meant to be'....

Hopefully this is it from Christiania but maybe not.........


Canon 5DMKII
24-105MM Lens
Converted using Capture One Software
Color balance in Capture one then exported to lightroom
NIK HDR EFX PRO for blending three iamges
Viveza for a touch of Structure


  1. No reason to make this your last image of Christiania Harry. I personally would love to see more. I love being exposed to places I have never been and may not ever visit.