Thursday, June 16, 2011


Iceland 2010
Today is one of those days when no image seems worthy of a blog post. So here I sit with not one thing in my head...thinking writing might be the way to clear it out and come up with something. In the past this has been dealt with by an image jumping off the page and then adding a favorite quote. Never entered my mind how hard it would be to post an image every day - specifically when I have spent the last few weeks not shooting that much. So I am thinking why not write about what I have working on.

Iceland 2010
Over the past few weeks most of my time has been spent revising/rebuilding my website. I have been struggling for several years with a lack of technical ability on this platform versus my ability to change the site on the fly. Most websites are written in super secret code and  need a webmaster who makes changes and the others that allow simple and quick changes just never appealed to me.  Oh, I wanted a few bells and whistles but in the end it became about the images and my ability to make changes wherever I happen to be in the world. Two weeks ago my friend Jeff Johnson in Florida came up with the perfect solution - WORDPRESS using a PHOTOCRATI THEME. Wordpress has so many solutions for those who want control of changes while giving some neat bells and whistles. Now I am my own Webmaster and can make my own changes - all I need is internet and my laptop...

Mesquite Dunes, Death valley
Long story short here is the new website - This site will be kept up to date with where I am in the world. my workshops, presentations and classes, links to my two blogs, and, for the first time, I am making my work available for purchase. In the footer there are links to my social media pages and also an email link to the webmaster, me......

Thanks to Jeff Johnson for all of his technical help getting this done......

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