Saturday, June 4, 2011


Phish, PNC Art Center

I had an opportunity to photograph the band Phish last Wednesday at the PNC Bank Art Center located at exit 16 on the Garden State Parkway....I was given total access to the pit and was able to shoot the entire show - approximately 1,000 images - narrowed down the the best 105...

And quite an entertaining evening it was. In addition to seeing some old friends from the music business I was treated to a two-set three hour show by the band. I really like the old school 'give the audience what it wants' point of view that is hard to find at most shows. The band played for 90 minutes, took a break, and played for another 90 minutes.

The audience sung every word and seemed know each song within a few seconds after the band started playing. Nice to see that type of loyal fan - and the ticket price was very affordable - another thought that is lost among so many acts these days. Phish might not be everyone's cup of tea but it was certainly nice to see that level of professionalism.

It reminded me of the 60's in San Francisco when after the show it was difficult to tell the performers from the audience....a nice memory for me...

The image posted above was made with a Canon 5DMKII using a Zeiss 21mm lens. Processed partially in the iPad2 for a slightly different look.

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