Monday, July 18, 2011

Glacier 2

Glacier 2, Iceland
 Another image from last year 's trip to Iceland.

Note to self - clean sensors before leaving for a trip. In the old days we used to spot our prints and I am hard pressed as to why so many images posted to various facebook pages and blogs lately are fraught with little back spots, aka; sensor dust and grime. Before showing an image take the time to clean these spots your image - with today's technology, specifically content aware in Photoshop CS5 it is not a tough job.

I mention this because today's image was covered in dust and grime (see below for a small portion of the image)...took over 30 minutes to clean.

 One can also use content aware to clean and smooth images as I did below... I wanted the foreground clean and smooth so I removed what I believe was black ice...

Image Management:

Phaase One P65+
Mamiya 645DF
47mm lens
Photoshop CS5
Lightroom 3

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