Friday, July 29, 2011

Iceland - Grass Church

Church with grass roof, Iceland 
The one image I wanted to make on this trip was to re-shoot the church with the grass roof. One would pass this church on the way to the glacier lagoon - it sits on a private farm just off the highway. When I was  in Iceland last year I had maybe 15 minutes one morning to photograph this church and never got something I liked....This time around there were only three of us so time was not an issue. I decided to make a three image panoramic to give an idea of how remote a location this is. These churches are in all sorts of locations from behind the barn to high on the hill overlooking a town - other are hidden like this one on a private farm hidden behind the barn....

Highlight of the trip was going back to the glacier lagoon twice....this morning we caught a marvelous pink sky over the lagoon that lasted for about 60 minutes.....and it got even better after the sun peeked out...IMage from this week will be on the blog next week...both iPhone ( and these pages.

Driving back to  Reykjavik  today - back to New York tomorrow.......these trips always end way to fast......


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