Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rental Boats - Versailles

Rental Boats - Versailles
 Took the 26KM ride to The Palace at Versailles early yesterday - and was not at all dis-appointed - well maybe there might have been a few hundred too many tourists. But I had hired a driver he knew a back way in - looked like he made some deal at a back gate and in we went - basically parking on the other end of the palace with maybe 4-5 other cars. You can get a table at a restaurant in New York the same way....

This is not a very good time of the year to visit Versailles as it is overrun by tourism.....and one would really need to spend an entire day there (or more) to really get a feel for the Palace and surrounding grounds.  Basically I got a few impressions of Versailles and hope to get back one day.

The benefit of going in the back gate was immediately being confronted by the image of the rental boats tied up and waiting for the day's activities. Ended up using slightly toned black and white to tell the story.

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Phase One P65+
Mamiya 645DF with 47MM lens
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