Saturday, July 30, 2011

Iceland - Glacier Lagoon

Glacier Lagoon, Iceland
Spent two mornings at the Glacier Lagoon on the south side of Iceland. Twilight starts at 2:30AM and runs until 4:00AM when you start to see the sunrise - they say in the winter there is two hours of twilight on each end of the day.

At any rate the first day we left the hotel at 4:00AM and missed the fabulous pink tone in the sky - the second day we departed the hotel at 3:00AM and that was perfect timing....caught the twilight and then the sunrise. This year the icebergs seemed to be in more of a cluster where last year they seemed a bit more staggered....the tide was moving so they would crash into each other sometimes rolling over and floating away - the sound they made was awesome.....a cross between an earthquake and a car wreck....something other worldly......

The new image in the header was behind our hotel - another part fo the glacier....the detail in those rocks is simply stunning....

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