Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's Delivery Person
Sometimes you just have to be there......I was shooting at a studio in Denver yesterday and we ordered food from Jimmy John's for lunch. My cell phone rings and this female voice tells me the food is here but she can not find the studio door. So I volunteer to go outside and guide her in, and, immediately upon seeing her my photographic bell starts ringing.....I just loved everything about her right down to the pearls and the pen hanging off her t-shirt...she agrees and the image is posted today.

Sometimes reality does inspire....


  1. Everything about it works!!! the b/w/ platinum cast. Hopefully you have a release cause this one is a keeper.

  2. And she was WORKIN' it! Great Harry.

  3. I wish there was like button for JB's comment.

    Thanks goodness she couldn't find the door or she would have just dropped off the food and been gone.

    It was her lucky day to have you there to recognize this opportunity!

  4. thanks all - even a blind pig finds an acorn...