Monday, January 30, 2012

Belfast Political Murals

Belfast Mural 
On the last trip to Ireland I took the Black Taxi tour of what was once war torn Belfast. Our driver told stories of growing up during the more turbulent times in the Republican and Loyalist areas - somewhat like battlefield tourism. I doubt very much that any particular driver will not have an opinion, albeit biased, of the many political murals that cover the walls and homes in these areas. I asked my driver what would happen if someone did not want a murla on their house to which he replied, 'then they need to move'...

These neighborhoods are safe today as much as the black taxi's want to tell you otherwise - they do, however, know which areas to avoid on any given day....Well worth the cost.

This image, according to our driver, is a mural of how this all got started. Of course a bit of shameless promotion added...

Leaving for Cape May today for two days of shooting with a friend....

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  1. It was brave of you to go there, Harry. I lived in Northern Ireland from birth to age 19 and I never went near that part of Belfast - and I was the "right" religion, in their eyes.

    Can you name the gentleman in the painting?