Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Who

Pete Townsend, Keith Moon, The Who
Not sure exactly where this image is from - possibly Madison Square Garden circa 1975...might be Philadelphia also. I used a an on camera flash for this - it was OK back then....I think I have finally come up with a decent workflow for processing these older Ektachrome slides/tranparencies (wow transparency gives my age away)....Anyone know where this is...

I had a great time last night at the Photography Club of Lower Fairfield County....gave a presentation called 'Music, iPhone and Other Neighborhoods'....Thanks to Steve Lingeman for the invite...


  1. Lots of rock'n'roll energy in this shot, Harry. The blur works really well. And, while most of the shot is blurred, Keith Moon's eyes are almost sharp, looking up admiringly at Pete Townsend. That really communicates the interplay between the two musicians, not to mention the respect.

  2. you really captured the music in the image Harry!