Monday, January 9, 2012

Ireland, Sheep with Color

Sheep, Northern Ireland
The one thing you notice when driving around Ireland is the abundance of sheep...all different colors of sheep - marked with color as per the farmer who owns them. They are blue, red, white, orange and every color imaginable. They are off the road, on the road, precariously balanced on the vertical hillsides just wandering about eating.

The sheep in this image just stopped us in our tracks...Could there really be sheep this color - guess this farmer went a bit overboard with his color....

On the other hand the juxtaposition of color in this image is quite appealing for me. It also appears there is a face in the rocks just behind the can make out one eye if you look closely - appears to be an Eagle resting his beak on the water while watching the sheep...What a magical place Ireland is....


  1. Oh, Harry, this is hilarious! I have known sheep daubed with a large spot of paint, usually orange or blue, by farmers, in order to mark their ownership so that they could more easily be reclaimed when they wandered over unfenced pasture lands. But sheep that are completely died yellow? That is surreal!

    And the way their color blends into this landscape is just too much to ask for. If you mix yellow and blue, what do you get - green, of course!

    And the watching eagle in the background, serenely surveying the sheep, ready to grab one and fly away with it in its beak. What a find!

  2. Yup - pretty cool - the color was amazing and I noticed the Eagle only when I got home...That is what I enjoy about images - they keep talking to you....