Sunday, January 22, 2012

Zabriske Point 4, Lightroom 4

Zabriske Point 4 - LR4 Beta
I have become totally immersed in the Lightroom 4 Beta the past week - watching several instructional videos while working on images.

Today's image was processed using only LR4. Adobe has made some really powerful changes in this beta version. The first thing that jumps out is that you can add clarity without fear of the dreaded halo. The sliders in 'basic develop' are highly intuitive and parametric, meaning they are capable of making much more precise adjustments to the image - somewhat like a parametric sound equalizer can dial in a certain frequency to fine tune a venue for music (of course I mention music)...Another change is the brush and graduated dialog has noise, moire, temperature and tint sliders to allow for more dialed-in local adjustments.

Today's image was processed using just the Basic , Detail and HSL dialogs.....processed above and original below....
Original Zabriske LR4 Beta Test

Use the link below for Adobe video tutorials on LR4.

Julienne Kost

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  1. Very nice to see some real world results using LR4. I've yet to download the beta but now might be a good time
    before the next wave of busy season catches up with me!

    Linda Matlow,PixIntl.