Monday, March 26, 2012

Death Valley, U, We, Wash

U, We, Wash, tecopa, California
Last week, for the most part,  was spent in a hotel in Las Vegas. Being in Vegas for that long you lose touch with the outside world. Almost anything can be going on outside your 'climate and smell' controlled environment.

So yesterday I jumped in the car with a few cameras and headed out for the day to clear my head. The area just outside Las Vegas is really great for losing ones-self in a much more natural landscape so I headed out for Dumont Dunes. Little did I know that the dunes were located just outside of Death Valley. As many times as I have been to Death Valley I never traveled Route 127, and now that I have, it is on the list for another day of more extensive exploration.

The Dunes were really interesting but more suitable for a sunrise when there is less chance of tire tracks covering the sand from off road vehicles.  I did, however manage to make a few images that will be processed on another day.

Today's post was located near a trailer park just outside of Tecopa, California, a small town that is home of the Tecopa Hot Springs. Usually I content aware out the wires but for this image I thought they they needed to be left as is....some sort of a last connection to civilization. Actually sights like this are not uncommon in this area of California....a surprise around every turn..

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