Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mangrove Trees - Chokoloskee Island

As mentioned in a previous post on the last Sunday in the Everglades myself and a few friends from the John Paul Caponigro workshops rented a boat and went off into the Everglades to see the 10,000 Islands.

The image above reinforces the cliche that if you find something interesting to capture, turn around and see what is lurking behind you. 

In order to capture this image one had to climb out of the boat and navigate across an oyster bed - a sharp jagged uneven oyster bed at that. My original purpose was to capture the sunrise but once the sun got above the horizon I turned around to this image - well not exactly as it looks here but something very close, at least to my minds eye. The Mangrove Trees are truly amazing, specifically at low tide when their roots are showing. Check out the link in the link above for more information about the Mangroves.

As for the oyster beds - see below - the one difference being that on this day the water was about knee high so extra care was needed to stay upright.

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