Saturday, April 3, 2010

Everglades Workshop

Yesterday was the first day of the Cyde Butcher Workshop. We were swamp walking in the morning (murky and muddy) and in the afternoon, well, look at the photo below.

On the morning walk I slipped and fell into the swamp but managed to save my gear, except for my iphone which is now located at the bottom....Lost a phone and a good camera.

On Sunday Captain Gary Thompson is taking us to a less traveled location about 90 minutes south of Everglades City - hopefully we get some cloud cover that day -

Here are a few images from today...


  1. Awesome stuff, Sorry about your phone. I have one of his pics in my apt. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Nice tones...Love the header shot..who's the chubby Jewish kid with high waters and the backwards baseball cap? Is that Two Pac Sandler?

  3. Awesome photos in the Everglades Harry! Great colors!

  4. nice work on the glades pics. some of my fav spots to fish and photograph