Sunday, December 12, 2010

Eastern State Penitentiary

Red Barber Chair - Eastern Sate Penitentiary  

Back from the long weekend in Pennsylvania. Spent Saturday shooting at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. We shot mostly with the iPhone on tripods but did find the time to make a few big people camera images (red barber chair above). I can honestly say that the flexibility afforded with just and iPhone and a lightweight tripod is a fabulous way to capture images.

All in all a fabulous iPhone weekend - learned a good deal about applications and their various functions as, for the most part, we never took our eyes off of the screen.....not to mention that we sang, out of key, all day...WHAT FUN

Now all we need is a hot shoe mount for the iPhone......hint hint

Al Capone Cell - eastern State Penitentiary
Below is an image of Al Capone's cell which they have maintained, I assume, as Al left it.

And below is another iPhone capture adding an artistic touch to the red barber chair.

Still have images to process from the Graffiti Underground, Longwood Gardens and Fonthill..

Red Barber Chair, IP4 Capture and Process


  1. Awesome images Harry. Take me on your next field trip!

  2. These are very cool...look forward to seeing the rest...

    I've been doing some Lomo with my iPod4 - great fun...

  3. thanks for the comments. Next field trip is Ireland at the end of the month...\\Loving the iPhone over here...