Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Post - Year 2

San Genaro Festival - New York City
I have been giving some thought to how to start off the second year of this blog. Unfortunately my mind is completely blank today - my only thoughts are that I made it through the first year, which was my original goal.

In the end I decided to post a couple of my favorite images that did not make the cut last year as well as two new iPhone images, House Angel and Graffiti Underground. 

So here we go - year 2....

Kaiser - Cartell - New York City

Toronto - iPhone 4
House Angel - iphone 4

Yosemite 2009

Graffiti Underground, iPhone 4 HDR processed in CS5


  1. all great this version of Graffiti Underground...happy blogoversary...

  2. Goodness Harry, you held these back?! Wow, the bus is great and the first image of the photographer and his models.... wow, please don't hold back!