Monday, December 20, 2010

Graffiti Underground

Graffiti Underground - Philadelphia

Finally getting around to my big dude high resolution camera this morning. This image is composed of 4 separate captures - 1 stop apart - processed to HDR in Photomatix Pro, the stand alone version.

The Graffiti Underground is 100 miles from my hoe but is fast becoming one of my favorite locations to capture images. Every day is different there depending on the color of the sunrise - and when ot on the end of the structure provides one with a sweeping view of downtown Philadelphia.

Looks like a return trip is in order in early January......maybe snow????


  1. It is an addictive place Harry. Look forward to being there with you again soon.

  2. Harry, it is so much fun traveling around to different places with you! Thanks!

  3. Let me know when; I'd love to go again. david