Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More iPhone

Sunrise, Horse Show
OK, I am still working from my iPhone - one of these days I will start using my big boy camera again...

The image above was shot awhile back with my Iphone 3Gs and reprocessed recently on my Ipad...Applications are slightly different and not always better but working in the large image size on the Ipad makes these old eyes happy. I used Iris on this one and blended in several textures that I created in various applications like artistaoil and Sketchmee...Sketchmee has several different ways to create that give the final image depth and texture.

The image below was captured with ProHdr and processed in photostudio, photoforge (older version) and perfectphoto....

Sorry for so much technical information but there are those who might be interested.

Times Square, New York
Can you believe it is December 1st already.

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